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Advice&Consulting is an Italian company that with great passion actively engages in the improvement and development of the fruit sector in Russia, through the realization of projects with high quality standards, with products strictly made and manufactured in Italy and their own agronomic consultancy, aimed at optimizing all the work processes and the cultivated product.
With the branch in Russia it is able to respond to the specific needs of its customers, which assists step by step, not only during the design but also in the management of each phase of the supply chain, up to the finished product, ready to be placed on the market.
In partnership with the best Italian leading companies in the agricultural sector, it guarantees maximum efficiency in the most innovative technical solutions.
Specialized skills and careful assistance are the main tools to guarantee the smile of customers, who see their investments in functional projects materialize, which give wonderful fruits and which win the hearts of their consumers.


Via della Cooperazione, 19 40059 Medicina (Bologna) Italy

+39 328 2207719
+7 (995) 2001738


Alexandra Caminschi


Yakov Kartashov

Project Sales Manager for Russia

Temyr Chkadua

Export manager

Evghenii Soltuian

Project Sales Manager

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