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Commercial Orchards and Berry Plantations in Russia: outcomes 2018 and development prospects

Date Date of issue: March 2019
Report language: russian, english

Date of Issue: March 2019
Language: Russian, English
Format: *.pdf

Background: This report is an analytical effort which describes the position of commercial orchards and berry plantations, namely the position of companies operating in the field of growing fruit, berries, nuts, and planting stock within the period of 2018-2019. The report highlights the peculiarities and development prospects of these market segments, special attention is paid to investment projects, as well as to main challenges facing Russian fruit-growing companies.

Study purpose: to fully describe the status of commercial orchards and berry plantations in the Russian Federation, main features and development details within 2018-2019

Timeframes: general characteristics of the key industry segments and their development factors following the results of 2018-2019. The map of investment projects covers all relevant projects, including those under development since 2013 and projected for development in the upcoming future

Regions: all Russian regions involved in production of fruit, nuts, and berries (for chapters devoted to general market characteristics); regions where projects are planned for development, and regions with highly developed orchards and berry plantations (chapter devoted to investment)

Lines of research:

– present key characteristics of the core segments of the industry;

– describe the material security of the industry, investment projects, national support policy;

– determine the main challenges facing the industry and development trends

Methods of analysis. When preparing the research, we used 2 main data collection methods:

–  analysis of publicly available statistical data and company profiles;

– expert-based survey among the representatives of the industry.

Research values. This report is not just a collection of facts and figures. We strove to present most interesting and important data on key market segments by extracting most important details which help assess the prospects of further development of each of the production segment, as well as the results of in-depth interviews conducted among those directly involved in production of fruit and berries in Russia. This report contains information about the preferences of industry players when selecting engineering equipment; main challenges they face in the context of provision with machinery, storage and processing facilities, planting stock.  Industry players will enjoy detailed description of projects under development or projected; brief description of data on gardening industry by Russian regions.


Research methodology     –  р.2

1.Commercial orchards and berry plantations: core segments, statistical key figures, main companies    –  р.4

1.1.Pomaceous crops –  р.7

1.2.Stone fruit crops  – р.12

1.3.Berries  –  р.14

1.4.Nuts  –  р.17

2.General characteristics of gardening industry (orchards and berry plantations): material security for production, state support, challenges and roadmap for commercial orchards and berry plantations in Russia    – р.19

2.1.Priorities  – р.19

2.2.Material security for production – р.21

2.2.1. Innovations, technologies and equipment in the industry – р.21

2.2.2. Provision of companies with storage and processing assets, planting stock  – р.27

2.3. State support for industry players .31

2.4. Main challenges facing industry players – р.35

2.5. Key solutions for further development of the industry  – р.38

3.Investment projects   – р. 41

3.1. General characteristics – р.41

3.2. Investment projects as of March 2019 (list of projects and general data by regions  – р.4

  1. Development prospects of the industry in Russia – р. 6

Production structure of fruits and berries by type of ownership as of early 2018

Structure of orchard area in agribusiness companies by main crops as of early 2018

Gross yield of fruits and berries in Russia following the results of 2018 on farms of all categories.

Production structure of pomaceous crops in Russia

Area of stone fruit orchards on farms of all types.

Area of berry plantations on farms of all categories (ha).

Key suppliers of chilled fruits and berries to Russia (% by countries).

Area of nut orchards on farms of all categories as of early 2018 (ha).

Crops grown by the respondents (%).

Application of innovative technology by companies participating in the survey (%).

Preferences of the respondents in using Russian or foreign made technology and equipment (%).

Provision of the respondents with storage and processing facilities (%)

Providing respondents with planting stock (%).

Assessment of national support measures.

Main suggestions for developing the gardening industry.

Plans for establishing new gardens (key crops, ha).

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