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Investment projects

Vineyards, Inkerman factory of fine wine

In the coming 5 years the company intends to plant at least 1k ha of new vineyards and to increase wine production to 50-70 million bottles per year. Own raw material now is 20k tonnes of grapes. There is also farmland available for planting. Company director says that substantial subsidies are now available for the winemaking sector, so about 80% of spending could be covered from the federal budget.

Intensive orchard, Bryansky Sad

An investment project is now afoot in the Bryansk region on starting apple orchards of intensive type on the area of 350 ha. The project includes construction of storage facilities, deep processing workshop, and utilities. The project takes place in the Kletnyansky district of the Bryansk region. To date, 420k young plants have been planted. The planting stock is columnar apple trees from Serbia. As expected, the area of the orchard will expand to 1k ha. Besides, this year the initiator plans to grow pears, sweet cherries, plums, apricots and peaches – these crops will be tested. In 2020, 210k young plants will be planted. Construction of storage facilities and utilities are scheduled for completion before 2021. Project investment is 600 million roubles.

Fruit storehouse, Sad-Gigant

The largest fruit storage facility will be constructed in the Russian South. It will be located in the Krasnodar province, Slavyansk district. It is designed to store 54k tonnes of apples, pears, plums, sweet cherries, cherries, and other fruits grown by local farmers.

Investor is a well-known fruit growing company named Sad-Gigant, which intends to spend 4 billion roubles to launch the facility by the end of 2020.

Orchard, Sady Belogoria

The project of Sady Belogoria has been developing since 2015 in the Yakovlevsky district. In spring 2020, the area of apple orchards has been doubled – 82,7 to 167,5 ha. According to the project, the orchard area would increase gradually to 300 ha; the output will grow to 15k tonnes of fruits per annum. The company has a fruit storehouse covering the area of 6k sq.m. for storing 5k tonnes of fruits. The company is working out a plan to build juice and crisps production lines to process unsorted apples.

New capacity will be fully brought online by 2026. According to expert estimates, by this time, up to 50 tonnes of apples will be produced per one hectare. As a result, the company expects to gather 4700 tonnes of apples in 10 years.

Sea buckthorn plantation

In 2020, it is planned to start a sea buckthorn plantation with the overall area of 17 ha by the following companies: KFH Stopa A.A., KFH Gyndunov R.S., KFH Krona, SHK Bailka-Vita, IP KFH Kononov Evgeny Petrovich. The following orchard projects are planned: Amta, Buryatkonservprom, Dary Rodiny.

Vineyard, Massandra

Massandra Winery, which is the oldest and largest industry-related company in Crimea, plans to establish 600 ha of vineyards in 2020. Once the new winemaking law was adopted, the decision was taken to boost the development.


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