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Investment projects

Orchards de Beaulieu (Russia, Lipetsk region)

595 m RUB. Establishment of intensive gardens and vineyards on 1320 hectares. Besides, the project entails the construction of facilities to process 6,1k tonnes of fruit and berries.

Agrofirma imeni 15 let Oktyabrya (Russia, Lipetsk region)

1,27 bn RUB. Establishment of intensive gardens and vineyards on 1026 hectares. Here 25k tonnes of fruit and berries will be produced; Besides, the project entails the construction of facilities for storage of 5k tonnes of fruit.

Wine-making cluster in Crimea

The project is expected to be finalised in 2020. Investment: 10bn RUB. The project includes the construction of a factory, wine centre for tourists with a brand store, winery tasting rooms and a hotel. The winery will feature brand new technologies. Here it is planned to produce about 20m bottles of wine per annum. The factory will operate based on full-cycle principle: from grape processing and wine bottling to packaging and distribution. Besides, the project entails the establishment of vineyards on the area of 2,5k ha.

Uzsharobsanoat (Uzbekistan)

The company plans to expand the area of its vineyards from 4,3k ha to 20k by 2023, thus providing 3200 more jobs. The company plans to establish vineyards on the area of 2,5k ha, using planting stock coming from France, Italy, Chile, the USA.

Yuzhnye Zemli (Russia, Krasnodar territory)

The phase stage of orchard was established on the area of 260 ha. Over 15 apple varieties will be cultivated here. The project envisages the introduction of state-of-the-art equipment. Besides, it is planned to build a modern storage facility.

Abrau-Durso (Russia, Krasnodar territory)

By 2021 the company will establish over 700 ha of new vineyards in the Krasnodar territory (Anapa). The development of project valued at over 1billion RUB will enable to reach grape gross yield of 10,9k tonnes per annum, thus providing the company with own raw material for making sparkling wine.

Project lead time: 2019-2021


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