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Polish technologies will be applied to grow apples in the Smolensk region

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The investor from Poland is ready to facilitate the project called Sady Smolenshchiny, which stipulates for establishing the intensive fruit-tree orchard.

Project investment totals 160m RUB.

European agrarians have long ago adopted intensive technologies, providing for higher yield per hectare, thus reducing production cost. This approach is expected to be uptaken in the Smolensk region.

Besides the polish know-how, the project will be supported by partners from the Rostov region, who will provide the seed stock already fully adapted to the Russian climate.

At the first phase (Aug-Sep 2018) around 10 ha will be set out. The areas will grow by 10-20 ha annually depending on the variety survival. The first yield is scheduled for after a year.

The project will be carried out at two sites: as of 60 and 45 ha.

The second phase comprises a CA fruit storage facility design engineering and construction. The storage capacity is projected at 2000 t.

The first phase will allow 10 job opportunities, while upon reaching the designed capacity the number will be boosted up to 150-200, mainly Smolensk residents.


Agronomists from Tambov have a record-breaking harvest of apples

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More than 900 ha of gardens have been established this year in the Tambov region

Tambov authorities have labelled gardening as one of the top priorities of regional agriculture development in the short run. For the first time in recent years gardening receives support as of 335m RUB. Alexander Nikitin, Governor of the Tambov region, has set the goal to establish 50 ha of perennial plantings in each region’s area….

Andrey Neduzhko
STEP Agriholding

Oleg Ryanov
Yuzhnye Zemli

Ivan Ustyugov
Nash Sad

Artem Kanunnikov
Chief Agronomer
Fillipov AG (Grigorevskie Sady)

Evgeniy Akhpashev

Director of Food and Processing Industry, Ministry of Agriculture of Russia

Peter Chekmarev

Director of Crop Farming, Mechanisation, Chemicalisation and Crop Protection, Ministry of Agriculture of Russia

Alexander Prodan
Malinovij Don

The company is specialised in fruit and berry rootstock and planting stock cultivation, fresh fruit, berry and vegetable production and processing. Poultry farming and pond fish breeding. Total area: 200 ha. The launch of a refrigerator section, modernisation of a processing section, and establishment of base raspberry, honeyberry and blackberry nurseries is also planned.

Zamir Balkizov
Sad-Gigant Ingushetiya

Today it is a pilot project and a gardener training base in the republic. Sad-Gigant Ingushetia intends to provide the region with new fruit varieties. At present, the orchard produces more than 15 apple varieties, cherry, plum, peach, and nectarine.

Alexander Lukyanchenko
Yagody Chernozemya

Igor Tyurin

Plodovoe is one of the major Russian enterprises producing apples, sweet cherries, plums, cherries, apricots and cherry plums. The enterprise annual capacity is more than 10000 t of apple, 1200 t of sweet cherry, and 300 t of plum.

Aslanbek Khaupshev
Sady Elbrusa

Elbrus Gardens operating since 2008 is engaged in agriculture based on latest technologies for product quality enhancement. Core activity is laying perennial plantation, fruit and apple tree orchards, further product storage, processing, picking, packaging and trade. A fruit and vegetable storage facility as of 5 000 t with built-in equipment is launched.

Anatoly Kutsenko
Director for Economy, Investment and Agriculture Markets Regulation
Ministry of Agriculture of Russia