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Programme Highlights:


Plenary session and discussion:

federal and regional government, regulators, investors, project initiators will discuss the national support policy, project financial terms, legislative landscape for starting nurseries, for planting stock coming from abroad, and many other crucial issues for the prosperous development of commercial fruit and grape growing industry within until 2025


Presentation of 60+ flagship investment projects

in the field of commercial fruit and grape growing to be executed within 2020-2025 from all over Russia


Planting stock and nurseries

– what is needed to accelerate the development?


Special economic keynote:

success of the industry and growth points. Assortment policy and what to grow?



– wonderful opportunity to generate extra revenue? How to build and optimize processing capacities?


Inspirational case studies

from the most successful companies from Russia and the CIS; showcase of innovative technologies and equipment useful for your business upswing!


Specialized and technology-focused discussions:

fruit growing, viticulture, berry production. Learn from your peers what experience to adopt and what mistakes to avoid!


Selling at home and abroad

– how to get things going and generate more revenue?


To go organic

Legislation and workable strategies to grow ecologically clean food


Dedicated exhibition of technologies and equipment

from the global leaders from Holland, Israel, South Korea, Spain, Poland, France, and other countries


Focus Day - Apple from Russia

Specialised workshops on apple orchard establishment and treatment. Modern work strategies and novel developments

Cultivation technologies and nutrition systems to improve fertility of apple orchard: modern innovative means, methods, techniques, technologies, and machinery


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